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Professional Services

Our mission is to provide you with education, support, and suggestions throughout the funeral planning process to help you make the best decisions. A lot of details go into planning a funeral. We will guide you each step of the way in order to create a meaningful tribute for your loved one. Below are services we provide.

Pre Arrangements

Pre-arranging a funeral allows an individual and/or their family to plan a funeral in advance of the passing. When someone passes away, it is a very stressful time. Having pre-arrangements made greatly reduces decisions the family has to make.

If you are interested in pre-arranging a funeral, an appointment can be made to meet with one of our staff members. During the meeting, the staff member will go through the following with you:

  • Gather initial information that would be needed for an obituary and/or death certificate (i.e. name, date of birth, etc)
  • Discuss options such as burial or cremation
  • Go over a general price list of services
  • Show you options of merchandise, such as caskets, vaults, urns, etc.
  • Create a document outlining services you want. A copy will be given to you and we will keep a copy.
Options to Pre-Pay

When you pre-arrange with us, you may want to simply inform us of the details of the service for us to keep on file and not pre-pay. When an individual chooses this method, the prices we quote during the meeting reflect prices in real time. Because operating costs can increase overtime, the price quoted without pre-paying likely will change in the future.

An individual’s funeral can be paid for in advance. A couple of options to consider:

  • Opt to allow one of our licensed insurance agents to write a burial insurance plan.
  • Assign over existing life insurance to the funeral home to cover the cost of your funeral

Another advantage of pre-paying a funeral is asset protection. If a loved one is going to require care in a nursing home or assisted living, there is a chance their assets would be used up to pay for the care, thus requiring dependency on public aid assistance. Pre-paying a funeral can allow you to utilize current assets before they are exhausted to pay for long term care.

About Our Funeral Services

Traditional Services

Traditional funeral services typically include a visitation, public or private, the day before the funeral service. The visitation may occur at the funeral home or a church depending on the family’s wishes. The next day, the funeral service, public or private, takes place at either the funeral home or a church.

Graveside Services

A graveside service, public or private, typically involves a service at the graveside.

Immediate Burial

With immediate burial, there is no service. The individual is taken to be buried.

Cremation Services
  • Direct Cremation: Direct cremation allows for an individual to be cremated without any type of viewing or service.
  • Cremation with Traditional Funeral Service: This type of service allows for a visitation or service, public or private, prior to the cremation.
  • Cremation with Memorial Service: For this type of service the individual is cremated. Following the cremation, there is a memorial service, public or private.
Veteran's Services

When a veteran passes, we coordinate with the appropriate local and/or national military unit for a veteran’s memorial graveside service. We also provide the necessary paperwork for a veteran’s flag, Presidential memorial certificate, and government headstone or marker.

Contacting Social Security

We will contact Social Security when processing information for the death certificate.